Sarah Court Pre-School News Article

Posted by Admin on 19 December 2011 | 0 Comments


Last week the Sarah Court Pre-School visited Montrose Fire Station and learned what to do in the case of a fire emergency. We were lucky to all get a turn squirting the fire hose! Back at kinder, the children showed us how carefully they had been listening. They remembered that when there is smoke, they must Get Down Low and GO GOGO – because the smoke floats up high and it’s safer down near the ground. They also remembered that if their clothes catch fire, they should Stop, Drop, Cover their Faces and Roll. We talked about how to ring triple Zero if there is an emergency.Talking to your children at home about these basic safety drills would be great reinforcement. The firefighters at Montrose fire station also suggested that all families should have a meeting spot, so that in the case of fire children can find their parents safely. The letterbox is one suggestion – perhaps you could talk about this with your family, and make sure your children know what to do.